HLM in full lights

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Lyon 5ème, 6ème, 7ème and Vaulx-en-Velin

« Walls are the skin of its inhabitants ». This is our motto at the CitéCréation, since our return from Mexico, in 1983. « When they are at peace with themselves, they don’t hurt each other. They are proud ». It’s the goal of a work project, in consultation with the tenants, in the cités HLM…So, by putting these wall paintings in lights, we increase their pride!

HLM that we can visit ! So if the inhabitants of the city center and tourists come to see us, it means that we don’t live just anywhere…and that we are not just anybody!?!

The public lighting from the city of Lyon put in lights the frescos of the CitéCréation : In the Cité HLM of « La Sarra/sacvl, (Lyon 5th), after transformation of 3 000m2 of optical illusion, of 3 huges bars of buildings in forty houses…In the Cité of social living/Sacvl,(Lyon 7th), to underline, at night, a tribute, in 20 paintings, the mexicain fresco artist Diego Rivera… In the Cité Tony Garnier/Grand Lyon Habitat, (Lyon 8th), with 25 monumental frescos, 5 500m2, realizing an open sky urban museum …In the cité des Noisettes/EMH, (Vaulx-en-Velin), the tenants chose the Sun, the most powerful and their favorite of all lights…