Paul Bocuse Restaurant ***

Logo localization

Collonges-au-Mont d'Or

Logo date

October 1993

Logo surface

100 m2

The great chef Paul Bocuse has made the lyonnaise cuisine and French gastronomy shine throughout the world. On the facades and in the courtyard of his famous 3 stars restaurant, an important part of this culinary art has been painted, according to his choices in 1993, by the mural artists of the CitéCréation. An enjoyable visit of artworks as pre-appetizers!

At dusk, through the care of Alain Guilhot / Architecture Lumières, the images of this gastronomy radiate from a thousand lights…

Project owner : Paul Bocuse and a dozen of private partners

Production : Paul Bocuse

Concept and visual realization : CitéCréation / Project manager Gilbert Coudène

Video / Technic : Photographs by Pierre Boulat

Speakers : For scenario, scenography texts writing, alongside CitéCréation, with the participation of Paul Bocuse and Bernard Pivot... with Frédéric Dard (on the photograph)