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Lyon 1er, Lyon 7ème

Many mural artworks realized by the enterprise CitéCréation have been put into lights, some by the public lighting service of Lyon:

The « fresque Lumière », Lyon 7th : With the illustrator scenographer François Schuiten and the muralists from CitéCréation, Lyon transposes itself into the third millennium. Trophy of lights won on December 8th, 2004!

The « fresque Vegetal Lumière », Lyon 1st : Vertical vegetal plantations and mural paintings from the CitéCréation, put it into lights, sounds and perfumes. Your senses awaken around the 3 images of photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

The « fresque du Centenaire », Lyon 7th : A hundred years since this district has been attached to the City of Lyon. Seven young illustrators conceived and realized, under the artistic direction of CitéCréation, 24 urban paintings on the history of the different districts of Lyon 7th.

The « fresque Mobile » of the Port Edouard Herriot, Lyon 7th : Concept by CitéCréation for the CNR- Compagnie Nationale du Rhône- a long wall of painted containers easily dismantled, daily, to permit the loading and unloading of the harbor during the day…and becomes, at night, an urban design decoration at the city’s entrance.