Colors of Love in Brou 2015

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April 2015

The monastery of Brou, was just chosen in the fall of 2015, « the most preferred monument by the French people»… How can you keep in town, in the evening, visitors and tourists and make them enjoy the shops, restaurants, hotels while giving them a cultural show ? The town council and the Cultural Service chose the thematic of light Spectacles… For this first video-light show, projected on the facade of this renowned building, we staged the romantic love story between Marguerite of Austria and Philippe le Beau, at the beginning…

Five centuries ago, builders, craftsmen and artists build the mausoleum of these two lovers. Today, we bring on this majestic building, a colored look tainted with emotions. With flowers, pearls and stain glass, with the rhythm of hunting horns and choirs, the passion between Marguerite et Philibert is born again. Chills guaranteed.