Draw me some lights...

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Fresco of the Lyonnais, Lyon 1er

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December 2013

Just a test, for fun… A spectacle of lights, with a strong base of drawing, on the famous « Fresque des Lyonnais » ? Positive response and encouragements from mrs. Annie Mesplède (Gérard Colomb’s office, mayor of Lyon) and the direction of the Festival of Lights 2013 !

Alternately, the brothers Lumières, St. Exupéry, Juliette Récamier, Tony Garnier, Maurice Scève and Louise Labé, Antoine Jussieu, come into play in a spectacle of lights with rhythms and wild colors. The large area given to the drawing brings a new look, delicate, funny, full of emotions to this show. A very big popular success, and the « Trophy Lumières » at stake.