Lyon, Land of Lights

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Place des Terreaux - Lyon 1er

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December 4th to 8th, 2014

During the night at the museum, one of the dancers on the painting of the artist Degos, gets up, leaves the canvas and walks thru the neighboring pictorial works…She dances with the colors of the canvas…Altering pieces of film mixed with sketches and drawings, demultiplications of dancers form patchworks of dances… A scene from an Argentinian tango, another from a classical Opera, Jazz, then urban HipHop, in a creation of illustrations and animated drawings 2D and 3D… Triumphal success for this light show which received 900 000 spectators, in 5 evenings of the Light Festival 2014!!! This spectacle : « Land of Lights » finishes first on the votes from the 600 co-partners. Their trophy « Lumières » is given to them during a prestigious party organized in the VIP lounge of the City Hall of Lyon… As soon as the next day and the following week, the phone rings…propositions are made… A new adventure starts! Pure happiness!!!

The numerous, astonished and charmed world of entertainment professionals present during the showing of Place des Terreaux, and the orders generated immediately give a boost to the phenomenal development of the « Allumeurs de Rêves ».