The history of The Allumeurs de rêves

Les Allumeurs de Rêves, creators of lights spectacles

Reveal memories, draw, conceive, paint in lights, enliven, give pleasure, innovate, transmit, love… These verbs constitute the foundation of the adventure of the Allumeurs de Rêves.

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Light up thousands of stars into the amazed looks of the spectators… Charm all publics, of all generations…To shine with astonishments, emotions, pleasures, dreams, send out a Wow!… To bind intimately marvelous ideas of « Popular Spectacles » and of « High Qualities »… To Love!


To create specific shows, making sens, adapted to a place, to its architecture, to a piece of heritage, past, contemporary, futuristic… to the characteristics of a population, a neighborhood, a town, a region, a country, a continent, using artworks with unique identities…


Our innovation platform, Swing.LeLab, is set up with the latest materials and logistics, high technologies in video-projections, in transmitters of luminous flows and futuristic sounds, in energy saving, in creations of new images, in new materials of construction of high environmental qualities.


In towns, in countries where we are invited to create lights spectacles, temporary or permanent, we intervene graciously, in school establishments who ask for it, in the name of our schools Emile Cohl and EcohlCité, to raise awareness, inform, show, explain, exchange with the students about these jobs of tomorrow…

The team surrounding Les Allumeurs de Rêves

The founder, Gilbert Coudène

Scenarist, creator and artistic director

Founder of Les Allumeurs de Rêves, Gilbert Coudène launches projects with a team of brillant, sharp and ingenious professionals, independent, engaged at his sides in the creations :

A producer from Chartres, the enchanter Laurent Lhuillery of light Event Consulting and a production manager Franck Morin…An assistant Project Manager Nadine Alcaraz… The excellent visual creators Etienne Guiol and Arnaud Pottier, of BK France, with Angélique, Patrick, Damien, Oscar, Yanjun Xu, Nicolas, Jean François… The bubbly musical arrangers and sounds designers Flavien Taulelle, Fred Ozanne, Paul Lecomte… The photographers and videographers Nad, Malo, David Monzon, Michel Djaoui, Pierre Rapey…Just like the troops of Argentinian Tango dancers with Diego and Magali Riemer, classical with Ivanka Moizan and Joris Zegarac, or Hip Hop with the Company Pokémon crew… Musicians of the National Orchestra of Lyon and the Opera of Lyon…

« Draw me some Lights »

Laurent Lhuillery


Nad Alcaraz

Assistant Project Manager/Photographer

Etienne Guiol

Visual Creator BK

Arnaud Pottier

Visual Creator BK

Angélique Paultes

Designer, Motion designer

Patrick Garbit

Graphic designer

Oscar Aubry

Designer, Motion designer

Yanju Xu


Damien Schahmaneche

Scenographer, 3D modeling

Thimotée Mironneau

Designer, motion designer

Malo Lacroix

Videographer, Photographer

Fred Ozanne

Music creator, sound designer

Flavien Taulelle

Music creator, sound designer

Paul Lecomte

Music creator, sound designer

Pierre-Alain, Edouard, Nicolas / Opéra et ONL


Diego et Magalie Riemer

Argentinian Tango dancers

Ivanka Moizan and Joris Zegarac

Dancers / Opera

Medhi, Gaël, Saïd, Cie Pokemon Crew

Hip Hop dancers

The making off

Capture of an Argentinian tango from Diego, Magalie Riemer, for the drawings of « Lyon Terre des Lumières »
Production of a picture drawing + painting + infographics, for the stage set of « Lyon, Terre des Lumières »
Shooting ,at the st Pierre Museum, of the painting « the dancers » by Degas for « Lyon Terre des Lumières »
Villa Medecis in Rome, Lights spectacles with live orchestra…
Sharja Light Festival 2016, Shooting in the desert in preparation for the drawings…
Abbey Paul Bocuse, presentation to the partners of the spectacles « Thank You Mister Paul »
End of the filming of the Puy-en-Velay by hot air ballon. The entire crew folding!
Casablanca Hotel Show, watercolors for the search of buildings location in town by Etienne Guiol
Dancers Ivanka, Jorys and Pokemon Crew, choreography for the show « Lyon, Terre des Lumières »